OHILPLEUT is an exquisite art project to enjoy our life every day. It is life right now, which stops you take stock and look around, pay attention to yourself, breathe deeply with your eyes closed and feel the whole spectrum of smells of the world. Food and drinks, travel, art,

beautiful people, beautiful people, beautiful life, beautiful pictures and beautiful words are here.With this vision of life and enjoyment of life, we are inspired by the French. Simple and elegant, France teaches us to see and to enjoy the beauty around us.

Dedicated to all chocolate lovers. This dessert is one of the most popular in France. In restaurants, it is often served with cream or ice cream, but at home you can enjoy the cake with whatever you want. This dessert is distinguished by its tenderness and softness. You and your guests will definitely like it.


When the cake is completely cool, place the powdered sugar on top of the cake. Serve cold. If you want a liquid heart or if you want a liquid heart with milk chocolate, white chocolate, fruit sauce ... then fill the molds only halfway and then add a square of milk chocolate, praline or white chocolate as desired, a little fruit sauce or even fresh fruit, then cover with the last layer of fondant dough and place in the oven. With this, you will definitely have love!


Bonjour friends.

Every autumn all shops across France prepare their special grocery shelves for new bottles of wine. It is called "Foire aux Vins". The fact is that until mid-September in France, the grape harvest ends and a new cycle of making fresh wine begins. In order to free up space in the store as soon as possible, sellers reduce prices for old bottles.  The average price of a bottle bought at a wine fair is much higher than the rest of the year: around 8 euros versus 3 euros usually. In order to offer more attractive prices, brands are cutting their profits, especially franchised stores. Monoprix, Intermarché, Leclerc, Carrefour, Nicolas etc. present a large selection of wines. At this time the French start buying wine and champagne for the Christmas holidays. 


I want to tell you right away that in Bordeaux your waiter will not ask you "white or red?" like in Paris, he will ask you "Languedoc, Medoc or Pessac-Léognan".  Bordeaux wines are very popular todayand you can't go wrong if you buy a bottle of red wine from this region of France.


If you are still dreaming of seeing Paris this year, then you have made the right choice to be here on this page. Think that this is a sign of fate. Because your dream will come true. We all believe in this here. 

Bonjoouur! And a thousand pardons for my long silence, it was essential for my university degree, as well as my mental detoxification. Now I am full of joy to make this summer much better than the beginning 2020 was. So many ideas for some new projects, I hardly keep up with my head. 

Hi friends. It was strange to feel quarantined all this time. It’s hard to get used to a new rhythm of life, to new rules, to a lot of people on the street. Honestly, I was not at all comfortable. In Paris, life began rapidly and people seemed to forget about everything at once. 

Chartres is a small town that is located 90 km south-west of Paris. If you want to spend the weekend in a peaceful and cozy place, I advise you to visit this city. This city is known throughout the world for its magnificent Cathedral, which is included in the list of UNESCO.

Bonjour! My name is Olga Surikova and I am a European based photographer and content creator. Collaborating and partnering with brands from the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries, restaurants and hotels, I capture the visual inspirations from nature...

Bonjour mes amis. You probably know about this beautiful edition of books, which you often see on your Instagram. The book is in classic style with letters and lines that are red color. It combines perfectly with a cup of coffee and croissant on a Paris terrace on a round table.  

If you are in the 17th arrondissement of Paris near the famous Monceau Park. If you want to find a real French atmosphere, then you must make the necessary part of French life - visit the market and buy fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, wine and baguette.

Hi, guys! It’s been a while. Hope all of you are well and safe. Today I’m coming with a short-list of films about the art world at the turn of the XX century. Some artists are definitely familiar to you, while others could maybe attract the interest. Anyway, even if you just want to watch something aesthetically inspiring during this last weeks of the isolation, these movies are for you.

I live in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, in which the famous Montmartre and the Moulin Rouge are located. Most recently, I found for you a Boulangerie...

If you are going to visit Paris and are looking for inspiration. If you need a real French style, then you should definitely look into these Instagram accounts because these girls will tell you about the real french girl chic. 


Today I want to tell you that I support you and you are not alone. In this difficult situation of isolation, we experience strong emotions and their entire spectrum. I know how hard it is to stay stable when the whole world around is unstable. I know a lot of things have changed in your life because in my life a lot of things...

It was a necessary, the city was too crowded and unhealthy, but it was also a desire of Napoleon III to mark one more time his position and power. With the prefect Georges-Eugène Haussmann they planned the «reorganisation» of Paris, which was full of tiny, messy streets at that time. A lot of boulevards and avenues were constructed...

Let's get to know Franck Amrane. You will meet him on the border between the 17th and 18th arrondissements of Paris. Among the small Parisian markets with vegetables and fruits, fish markets, cheese markets, boulangerie and patisserie you will find a small boutique of chocolate. Franck will greet you, ask how you are doing and how he can help you. 

If you always wanted to make the design minimalism, but you were afraid that it might be boring, then we will disappoint you. The minimalism style in your house can become pleasant and comfortable, cozy and stylish. Think about the fact that your home may be the most pleasant place for you. 

Photo: villaarjunabali

Starting the new week, I gonna tell you a bit about one of my personal visual pleasures, Art Informel, oh pardon, Informalism. I feel the taste of strawberries, pronouncing it in French. 

Greeting the second month of isolation in France, art lovers already got a habit of online viewing rooms, so, voilà, something new for you, guys. Somebody said: «I will turn this anger into something beautiful».

Étretat is a small resort with beautiful pebble beaches on the Alabaster coast, one of the main outstanding places for tourists and locals of Normandy, in the north of France. It is located next to the beach, where the waters of the English Channel formed steep cliffs with incredible natural arches, one of the most beautiful landscapes in France. You find inspiration and want to visit this place if you have time, because this place is located near Paris and you can always go there for a one day.

It’s Monday, new week, new day, new beginnings. So, why not to start with a brief History of Arts class which, maybe, will help you to better understand and accept the Contemporary art. Today I propose you to think about the real value of "a concept", the way we use this word every day, and mostly to express our own ideas.

If you have already watched all online courses, cleaned up your storeroom, got your belly ready for the first vacation after this dramatic quarantine and, still, try to benefit staying at home and find some inspiration, I propose you to follow the new forced fashion of digital art exhibitions with an American contemporary art David Zwirner Gallery.

This is such a real “road romance”, in which hilly landscapes are scattered with endless mosaics from the vineyards, and small and cozy villages meet you, as relatives...

I'm making plans again thanks to that trip to Cinque Terre. It was magnificent and it was not enough a little, just in order to want to come back again...

Conques is located in the south of France, in the mountains, and belongs to the department of Aveyron. This is one of the most beautiful villages in France. The real Middle Ages, in which the breathtaking beauty of the small houses inside the mountains is breathtaking.