If you are going to visit Paris and are looking for inspiration. If you need a real French style, then you should definitely look into these Instagram accounts because these girls will tell you about the real french girl chic. There are magnificent stunning and incredible charm of French life that you can always find on the expanses of these accounts, these girls delight and inspire. If you still haven’t heard of them, this is a great opportunity now.

Surely you have already seen photos of this girlЮ Taylor LaShae - the model of stunning beauty that stole the hearts of fans around the world, her distinctive feature is a languid tender look of her eyes and a memorable hairstyle that you will never forget. Do not miss her photos in your account, there is a real inspiration of french style and chic.

Mara Lafontan is sexy girl with a cheeky look in brightly colored outfits. Which shows the real French atmosphere with baguettes, croissants and coffee on the terraces. You will not forget her fringe. I think you saw the famous video where Mara says how she loves bread. If you haven’t seen it yet, I advise you to urgently find this video. After that, you will immediately run to the nearest boulangerie for a fresh baguette.

Chloe Lecareux is an amazing blonde beauty model that will show you a truly noble chic style. There is a sexy sportswear with a pronounced sense of style and fashion on her page you will always find the atmosphere of Paris. And also she doesn’t forget to joke and fool around on her page. You can find light and funny but at the same time elegant videos there.

She is a joyful energetic beauty bright blonde who walks along the streets of Paris and shows her unique french chic style. A magnificent sense of style and cheerful mood. If you want to get a good mood and positive. Then you definitely need to look at this girl’s account. And you can also get inspiration for your future photography in Paris.

You just look into the account of this girl and you will immediately understand everything. Just look at one photo. It is a bright representative of the French chic girl who founded her parisian own brand "Rouje Paris". In this account you will find as much inspiration about French life as you have not seen yet. Pay attention even to the Instagram style, which is a real french style such that you will not meet with anyone else.