If you are still dreaming of seeing Paris this year, then you have made the right choice to be here on this page. Think that this is a sign of fate. Because your dream will come true. We all believe in this here. Of course, as soon as you arrive in Paris, you will immediately go to see the main place - the Eiffel Tower. Paris is not Paris without the Eiffel Tower. It can be seen from different places, but if you think that it is visible from everywhere, then you are mistaken. 

You have seen a lot of photos on Instagram, made a Pinterest board, created your own style to look like a French chic, but when you come to Paris, you will find not to much of main locations where the Eiffel Tower is really visible well.  Even if you saved locations in GoogleMap, you can spend a lot of time to find them. And if you arrived just for 2-3 days? And you really want to take as many photos as possible with the main symbol of Paris. What to do in this situation?

Especially for those who want to make the most beautiful photos for their Instagram and so that the Eiffel Tower can be seen, we have prepared a small Travel Guide called "POPULAR LITTLE STREETS WITH VIEW OF THE EIFFEL TOWER". This will really help you and save your time. You know, to find your favorite location, sometimes it’s enough to walk only 200 meters and turn right. But if you have never been to Paris, then it will be difficult for you. 

Ohilpleut did a good job for you and gathered the most popular streets where the Eiffel Tower looks out beautifully. By the way, Travel Guide laid a route for which you will spend only about 40 minutes of time if you want to see all the points. And yet, your Travel Guide has a cost of only 6 euros, which is your coffee + pastries for breakfast. At the same time you will get a real aesthetic pleasure and be inspired by your trip.