Chartres is a small town that is located 90 km south-west of Paris. If you want to spend the weekend in a peaceful and cozy place, I advise you to visit this city. This city is known throughout the world for its magnificent Cathedral, which is included in the list of UNESCO. It is considered the most elegant and best preserved Gothic cathedral in France and in Europe. Henry IV was crowned at Chartres Cathedral on 27 February 1594. Chartres is located in the Loire Valley, so from here you will be comfortable travel through the famous locks of the Loire. 

You 'll have half a day to see everything in this town. It is small, but you will see in it all the most beautiful in a short time. The old town of Chartres is divided into two parts:

  • the upper, with a main Cathedral
  • the lower, by the river Eure, where many Medieval and Renaissance houses

There are especially many of them near "Place de la Poissonnerie", where the famous mansions are also located, "Maison du Saumon"  and "Maison de la Truie". On this square sold fish already from the beginning of the 15 century to 1950. 

In this city is very cozy, many young people, many river canals, small bridges and tame places for kissing. It 's a small but romantic town. Life in it as if stopped to take a breath, rest and go on. Relaxed atmosphere and typical French life. Enjoy)