Let's get to know Franck Amrane. You will meet him on the border between the 17th and 18th arrondissements of Paris. Among the small Parisian markets with vegetables and fruits, fish markets, cheese markets, boulangerie and patisserie you will find a small boutique of chocolate. Franck will greet you, ask how you are doing and how he can help you. With equanimity, calmness and interest, he will listen to everything about you, ask a lot of questions and start a conversation.simple and easy, which all french people usually make purchases.


You know, it’s such a French tradition to talk about everything and about nothing, to ask many times "ça va?" and answer that of course everything is fine. If you want to feel part of this atmosphere when you are in Paris, I advise you to try to make purchases in such places. Try to go to the Franck boutique and buy a box of chocolate. It will be an unforgettable adventure, a great souvenir from Paris for your friends or family and the opportunity to feel yourself like a true french. 

Franck will tell you everything you want to know about chocolate. He is the owner of a boutique, which he opened himself. Jeff de Bruges - this is a famous chocolate brand that every french knows about it and who will certainly buy a small box of candies on Saturday morning for a lunch dessert. All chocolate is natural and vegan. You can made dish of different candies and try each of the tastes. Franck will tell you that throughout the year you can always find classic chocolate, but seasonal chocolate also exists. For example, if you go to a boutique like me in April, you can find real pink chocolate. Without dyes and additives, it’s just so pink in origin.

This is an interesting place you can visit if you are not far from Montmartre. But you need to go here first of all in order to talk with the owner of the boutique in order to get a good impression and get to know the real french short-talk and learn something new about chocolate. Such a small excursion.

Jeff de Bruges (Boutique)


89 Avenue de Saint Ouen, 75017 Paris