If you always wanted to make the design minimalism, but you were afraid that it might be boring, then we will disappoint you. The minimalism style in your house can become pleasant and comfortable, cozy and stylish. Think about the fact that your home may be the most pleasant place for you. Create an atmosphere, place candles, add decor and you will see how you like your home. This is not at all difficult. A few simple tips will help you change the style of your room right now.


For a minimalistic space, it’s logical to use less furniture to make the room bigger, but try moving your sofa away from the wall. It will seem strange, but, when you slightly move the furniture away from the walls, you make much more space. This method will give you the opportunity to move around the room in a new way that can be fun and interesting. A sofa, chair or table are large items, so choose them with thin, elegant and high legs. This will add more air and space and allow the room to breathe.


Choose textures, because thanks to them you will add softness and friendliness to your room. It will become interesting for viewing and making calm. Choose any texture as a dress in your wardrobe, carefully and personally. Focus on natural textures. It is important to surround yourself with what is pleasant for our human nature, so you can relax. For example, arrange rattan baskets, throw pillows made of natural linen on a sofa, all decor details may contain a natural texture. Be sure to turn on the wood. There is never enough wood. It helps to reunite with nature. This is a warm material that is universal and will be relevant absolutely everywhere. This is the easiest way to make the interior more warm and friendly. You will be comfortable next to the wooden texture. It creates a sense of harmony.


White is always popular when we talk about minimalism in living rooms. We often use white color on the walls, because it reflects light well, and also because it is easy to adapt to any style of the house. However, try to avoid pure white, use warmer shades. Cream, beige will work better and more pleasant and will help to avoid coldness. These colors can be used as a canvas, there can be many of these, even on a sofa or table, or on a carpet on the floor. Warm and calm shades work like a base on which you will make color accents so that minimalism does not become boring.


And voila, we smoothly approached the conversation about accents. Your minimalistic interior will become brighter and more dynamic, as well as more interesting and attractive if you focus on painting, art, a museum vase, a vintage mirror in a gold frame or a collection of unique jewelry boxes. This may be an inspiration. Experiment and rearrange these items in different places. Do not be afraid of it.


Oh yes, we really love plants. This is the easiest way to connect with nature. They will help soften strict minimalism. You can play with a selection of pots and create your own collection. Today, all international exhibitions of interior design are simply crowded with green plantations, because it is very fashionable. Be fashionable too.

And some more tips in conclusion. It goes without saying that in a minimalist style living space there should be very few decorations, but one essential accessory that is simply necessary in such a situation is an aromatic candle. The aroma of the room and soft natural warm light instantly create a mood. So make your favorite candle collection. Open windows and curtains regularly to refresh the room. The more natural light you miss, the more airy it will feel. A mirror is another easy way to increase the amount of light. Do what you want and where you like to be, surround yourself with your favorite things and enjoy.
Have a nice day.


Photo: villaarjunabali