Hi friends. It was strange to feel quarantined all this time. It’s hard to get used to a new rhythm of life, to new rules, to a lot of people on the street. Honestly, I was not at all comfortable. In Paris, life began rapidly and people seemed to forget about everything at once. The streets were filled with people. Free, sociable and tactile Frenchmen so quickly returned to picnics on the Seine, apero at bars and restaurants, walks, parties and trips out of town. The city is filled with life.

You feel all this so vividly, but you can't adapt, because all life plans have been changed. By the way, how has your life changed? I did my first photo shoot and even booked the next one (If you don't know, I'm a photographer in Paris). I began to actively photograph on the film camera, because I think that the photos are becoming more atmospheric. I'll show you a beautiful shoot soon in the next article. I met with friends, visited two picnics and began to walk around the city a lot. Therefore, today you will see a few streets of Paris and what I see when I walk along it.

And most of all now I want to go to sea. After June 15, we can officially start traveling in Europe. Therefore, I am waiting for you all here in Paris, and I also plan to go closer to the sea myself to relax a little from everything and start living again.

It's all today. Yours Oh!Il Pleut. Bisous.