Étretat is a small resort with beautiful pebble beaches on the Alabaster coast, one of the main outstanding places for tourists and locals of Normandy, in the north of France. It is located next to the beach, where the waters of the English Channel formed steep cliffs with incredible natural arches, one of the most beautiful landscapes in France. Famous artists like Ougene Boden, Gustav Corbe, Claude Monet and Vasily Polenov visited this place and admired him. 

There are 3 famous arches:

- Porte d’Aval

- Porte d’Amont

- Manneporte (most of large)

From Paris to Etretat the distance is about 200 km. There is a bus (FlixBus) between these cities that departs from metro station La Défense (Grande Arche).
Travel time - 3-4 hours, ticket price from 11 to 29 euros, depending on the day of the week and time of departure. The bus runs only in the high season, in the low season - you have to go through about way from Le Havre. You can go to Le Havre by train (in Paris it leaves from Saint-Lazare station and goes to Le Havre about two hours), and there by bus number 24 - to Etretat. From Le Havre to Etretat - 30 km.

You can find a lot of information on the Internet, and we just want to share with you the beauty of these places. So that you find inspiration and want to visit this place if you have time, because this place is located near Paris and you can always go there for a one day. In these photos you can see how Etretat looks in spring in April. The sun at this time is hot, but the air is cold and the sea is also cold. We wish you all to visit this place.