Greeting the second month of isolation in France, art lovers already got a habit of online viewing rooms, so, voilà, something new for you, guys. Somebody said: «I will turn this anger into something beautiful». This artists definitely did it. Spaced in lost, «a nomadic exhibition concept», presents us a completely 3D model of a gallery and it’s virtual exhibition «LONELY». Personally, I got a feeling playing Sims...

16 artists in a short time shaped their lonely feelings and emotions, organising them in a kind of «perfect shelter», where everybody can enter and nobody will know about it. Some of works are not even finished but this fact only increases the perception. To be closer to the spectators, some artists uploaded personal voice messages, which you could find in the descriptions of artworks. The platform is in English, but the «gallery» itself is in French. So, let me tell you about those which I preferred most.

A French artist, Charles Hascoët, shows four paintings, which were inspired by what he found in his confined environment. In the message, that he left for us, he tells, it was mostly a work of looking for something that had escaped him, something that he had not usually depicted, but it had always surrounded him. This ping pong ball, found in the balcony and an «authentic» Parisian paving stone... Artist also mentions a kind of special connection between his two self-portraits, which, personally, I find as a point of admission, of the situation it-self and his place in this situation. And mostly, Charles Hascoët points out that the determination, the answer will come the day we are free.


And another one is a video-work by Filip-Andreas Skrapic & Salomé Chatriot, titled TE LE PA TH. If you love everything weird (naturally, humanely or unearthly), glad to inform you, we have a point in commun. There are no description for this extract, no words, just computer graphics and 4 guys in this telepathic space, calmly mad. Firstly, I found it really stylish, secondly, the sounds work directly with your mind, which is drowning in the image, and thirdly, I found myself in this environment. However, we have to confess, there are some technical points to work with.

Other artworks, of course, worth the same attention as these two do. In this space we could also observe some sculptors and installations by Grégory Chatonsky, Jean Chauvin, Salomé Chatriot & Samuel Fasse and others. As well as the photography and videos of artist confined in their studios.

There are no references, no critiques, even no spectateurs. Just the space and you comfortably installed with your biggest cup of tea/coffee. Now, some of us are physically alone, but, sometimes, a person could feel alone being in a crowd. I find this side of loneliness, not the positive one, by the miss of some comprehension and admission. So, as I already mention at the beginning, it is up to us to «turn into something beautiful». Feel your creator, feel your genius. Enjoy!